It’s difficult being a human, and Tim Warner wants to talk about it. With his sharp wit, keen observation and a lot of sincerity, Tim dives deep under the surface to point out all of the hilarious truths about what it means to be part of humanity.

Warner is the ultimate antihero, finding strength in showing his vulnerability and sharing his own weaknesses and flaws. Rather than creating a diversion from the things that gnaw at us, he shines an interrogation light on them and makes you laugh about what a messy business life is.

In 2008, Warner was a finalist in the New York Underground Comedy Festival’s Emerging Comics Contest and in 2010 he produced his own one man comedy show, “A Flawed Pursuit o’ Happiness”, for a 6 show run at Under St Mark’s Theater in NYC.

Warner hosts his own podcast, The Joker in the Rye, which has been hailed as “Authentic” ”Gritty” and “a great window into comedy”. The Joker in the Rye is available for download on iTunes or it can be watched on YouTube.


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