“Donald Trump isn’t necessarily the President we need, but I do think he is the man we deserve”

Recorded at Gotham Comedy Club on May 9th, 2017


“And while it’s technically only a theory that DMT is the chemical your brain releases right before you die, this performance, on November 22nd, 2011, captures a powerful, moving, passionate, comprehension of life as Tim Warner describes, ‘…touching perfection and literally becoming one with everything…’ Beautiful.”

Day 5 of the Occupy Wall Street demonstration: Most comedians entertain the troops. I got the opportunity to entertain the truth. Some comic relief for the demonstrators.

Recorded at Zuccotti Park on September 22nd, 2011


“First you got to have faith. Not religious, but you gotta believe in yourself. You gotta have faith in the idea that what you’re doing now will end up becoming something. You have to visualize that shit.”

-Tim Warner

“Love is not a word it’s an acronym for Light of Vibrating Energy. You can’t hate that’s not a word it’s an acronym for Hypocritical Attitude Towards Everything. There’s nothing to fear cause go to AA and they tell ya it’s just False Evidence Appearing Real.”

-Tim Warner

“Tim Warner is one of the most brutally honest and vulnerable comedians working today. His material scrutinizes the outside world by sharing all the mistakes he has made in life. While focusing on his flaws, he breaks down the fourth wall and connects with audiences exposing his hope for humanity.”