The Belt of Orion Emerged

I’ve spent the last four Christmases alone. The last three I’ve tripped. It’s become my way of having Santa & his elves bring me presents of compassion, empathy, understanding & an educational reflection of my inner beauty & mindset.

Previous years I’ve done it on Christmas Eve at the tree in Rockefeller Center. It’s usually righteous. The tree looks nice. The joy on peoples faces are better. Sipping on mint hot chocolate as I wish to see snowflakes descend from the sky like pillow feathers from that drug deal sequence in True Romance, without all the gun fire & cocaine. This year with my job my sleep schedule is all kinda fucked so I slept through Christmas Eve. The plan was now broken, which sometimes a broken plan was the plan the whole time.

I didn’t plan for it but I peaked at sunset & found myself on a bridge in Queens. In the middle of a jam session with laughing, I stopped to stare. Which changed to an admiration. The playlist of New York City played in the background. Some tracks included cars, horns, sirens & the 7 train overhead. My life stood still as every bright color through ROY G BIV decreased in shade until the belt of Orion emerged from the dusk into the sky. The energy frequency was perfection. Not only could I see this frequency as every thing, it asked me to dance while whispering in my ear “it’s all gonna work out. because It always has, you’re still here. Remember, it’s ALL for the best. Why would it be any other way?” As that frequency left me stag on that bridge the gift of the present moment washed over me.

These last couple of months I have found myself hoping & wanting, very close to the waves of desperation. One aspect with a psychedelic experience that I truly cherish & value is when you’re on acid, mushrooms, whatever, all those concerns lose priority & evaporate, like vape smoke dissipating into the air pollution. All of this should be pretty amazing as sold. No need for a money back guarantee. No refunds. No exchanges. Just make the best of it. Why do we need to find the one when we’re all one? Other people are just skin covered energies to make sure we experience seven point five billion plus experiences simultaneously. When it comes to life you have to look at the words in the word. One of the words is lie. The biggest lie in life is that we tell ourselves we’re living. When in fact, from the moment we’re born, every second that goes by is one step closer to death. In the book of life, in between trials & tribulations, are the centerfolds of existence. The true beauty. The illusion that is magic without the tricks. The kind of L.O.V.E. that your spirit/soul masturbates to. It’s all for the best. Why would it be any other way?

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